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Source material of Trit wood
Trit wood is made from waste wood discarded by construction, logging or manufacturing industries. By pulverizing decades-old wood, plaster board or coloured plywood into fine particles and blending them, a more stable solid substance can be synthesised. The resinous series consists mainly of products made with olefins or chloro-olefins. Meanwhile, products based on other forms of recycled plastics are being developed for wider usage.

The waste wood is pulverized into particles of only hundreds of microns in size
(1 micron = 1/1000mm) It is then mixed and kneaded with plastic powders
derived from thermoplastic resins. The mixture is then thermally molded.
As the product contains 51% to 55% of wood, it has the pliability of wood.

Multiple recycling
It is state policy to clarify and define the liability of waste recovery and
recycling. Regulations are being made to implement mandatory recovery and
recycling. The relevant laws and regulations have stipulated the re-use of
substances, reduction of waste, incineration of waste and so on. However,
either thermal recovery by incineration or chemical recovery by chemical
reaction has its drawbacks. In contrast, the recovery, re-use and recycling of
the material in Trit  wood tells a different story. One of the excellent features of
Trit wood is that after use it can be repulverized and recycled for indefinite
number of times  Because of its ease of recycling, it is proven by facts that Trit
wood  is friendly to the environment, it conserves natural resources and it is a

high value-added product.

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