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Special Features

Special Features

Trit wood not only enables the efficient use of resources, but also protects the environment. Nevertheless, what Trit wood  has to offer you is not confined to this. Trit wood is wonderfully durable. Its colour keeps and it is proof against most forms of hazards. No preservative is needed. Costs of maintenance are minimal.
Qualified by these excellent features, Trit wood has been stamped with approval by leading Japanese engineering projects, including the Central Japan International Airport which aspires to be an  ‘environmental pioneer airport’.  Trit wood not only relieves the burden on natural resources but also comes with eight special features. These features open up unimaginable possibilities to your design and project.

8 Salient Features of Trit wood
Under tests by consuming micro-organism, Trit
wood  does not lose weight. With the pliability of
natural wood but without the vulnerability to
biological decay, Trit wood is the ideal material for
making various outdoor structures.
(No.  3 certificate form of Japan Timber
Conservation Association)

Tests by food container method have shown that Trit
wood  is free of heavy metals. Moreover, it does
not contain any harmful substance like Formaldehyde.

Trit wood  is a homogeneous solid. No worry about
decay, fatigue or reduced strength. Hence, unlike
natural wood, there is no need for periodic painting
or preservative treatment.

Trit wood is made of particles of hundreds of
microns in size. Therefore, unlike natural wood, it
has no problem of splintering or cracking.

Under termite tests, only negligible damage is
detected on Trit wood. Hence no worry about
termite bites. This is attributable to the special
structure of  Trit wood : as wood molecules are
surrounded by resin, termites are inhibited.

Trit wood  is hardly affected by water. It is suitable
for places subject to sea breeze or humidity, such
as parks and seaside. In comparison with natural
wood,it is much more durable.

Easy to maintain
Owing to its excellent nature, scratches and dirts on
Trit wood  are easily erasable. In comparison with
natural wood, it is much more economical and
convenient to maintain .

Shaped to your choice
Trit wood  can be molded into all cross-sectional
shapes, from natural wood strip shape to composite
polygonal shapes. It can make what natural wood
cannot.Throw Trit wood and metallic substance like
Aluminium into your recipe, you will experience
unprecedented freedom of design.

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