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Product Characteristics

Standard format

No need for paint. Same colour and same tone throughout each piece. Brown

(Br) or sandy brown (Sb). Scratches will not be conspicuous. It is easy to



No need for anti-erosion agent even after several years'  use.  Most suitable

for humid,  rainy or windy places like parks and seaside.


Subject to discolouration by ultraviolet ray at the initial stage, the colour Trit

wood  is stable over long periods of time. In comparison with natural wood, it

has less problem of curling or shrinking.

*Outcome after solar shine tests (specimen: Brown colour Trit wood ). Approx
500h equals 1 year, subject to geographical variation.

Natural wear and tear
Because recycled material forms the basis of Trit wood , it has moderate
variation in colour and appearance of natural wear and tear.
1.Removal of pollutants from surface
Dilute neutral detergent with water according to prescription, scrub lengthwise
along the Trit wood strip, finally rinse with water.
2.Remedy to scratches and burns
Brush away any dirt from the damaged part with a soft cloth, rub a #40-60
sand-paper lengthwise against the damaged part until the mark is erased,
finally clear out the dust.

*Oil stains can be removed in the same way
*The texture of the surface after the action may vary according to manner of rubbing

After several years of natural weathering,  Trit  wood  and anti-erosion wood in comparison

Passenger Pier Takesiba, Japan (both installed in 2002)

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