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Rail Bracket Type

Mount menthod:insert the rail bracket into the slots Trit wood and fix the rail bracket on the joist.


* The deck surface looks in good order and pleasing to the eye.
   Fixed screws are hidden on the underside of the flooring.
* Easy to clean due to no ashes and dirt can fall into the slots of
  the rails.
* No warp and deformation to the rails.
* Easy to install. The product should be placed horizontally on
   the ground instead of being fixed on the ground.
   *The waterproof layer can not be damaged due to the washers used
* No need for processing to bottom holes and countersunks.
   No need for marking the lines(made by a carpenter's ink marker).
* No slits alignment needed due to the rails used.
*Time-shortening under construction due to the integration.
* Repeated use due to no screw holes on the surface.

Screw-fixing Type

Traditional installation:fixing the deck by screws



*Same as the original installation method

* Possible subtle adjustment to the connection surface and the slit

* Strong durability of the joist and the screws recommended here

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