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Product characteristics

  1. Under normal circumstances, this product can be used for over 10 years without any deterioration in strength  Prior consultation is necessary for usage in special environment.
  2. This product will show gradual wear and tear with the passage of time and if there is any change of use. As each piece is homogeneous in colour, there will not be any significant change in colour. If the surface is scratched, some dust may come off.
  3. As this product is made from recycled material, the tone of colour may vary between different categories of product.
  4. This product has the characteristics of both wood and plastic, so it will expand/shrink or curl due to changes in natural conditions like temperature or humidity.
  5. This product is mainly made of wood. Some wooden tissue may surface following scouring,for example, by rain.
   Points to note at works
  1. Due to the possibility of deformation, this product should be stored horizontally on flat floor away from rain, water or sunlight.
  2. Do not install this product on rough ground, otherwise cracks or deformation may result.
  3. Be careful in nailing, screwing or drilling, as these actions will make irreparable changes in the product.
  4. As this product expands or shrinks due to changes in temperature or humidity, gaps should be allowed in installation in order to prevent damage. A 5mm gap is recommended at the interface with structures of this product or similar products ;  A 10mm gap is recommended at the interface with other structures.
  5. Do not drop tools on this product, otherwise damage may result to this product.
  6. After installation, stiff hair brushes may be used for cleaning out dust.
  7. If there appear strong dirty marks, water poodles or water stains on this product, neutral detergent diluted to prescribed concentration may be used to swipe away the marks or stains. Do not leave detergent on the product after swiping. Rinse with clear water and dry it with cloth.
  8. Do not use concentrated acid, concentrated alkaline, thinner, petrol solvent or other organic solvents or petrol chemicals on this product, otherwise deformation and cracks may result.
  9. For routine upkeep and cleaning, use soft objects like cloth or sponge. Do not use caustic powder, metallic brush, metallic blade, metallic thread scrubber etc.
  10. Light scratches can be erased as follows: clean the surface with soft cloth, rub #40-60 sand-paper against the scratched part lengthwise along the strip.
  11. Remove stones or grits from the surface before sweeping or swiping this product,otherwise scratches may result.
     Points to note in use
  1. Do not jump down from high onto this product or deal powerful blows to this product,otherwise injury may occur to the person and damage may result to the product.
  2. This product may be hot under strong sunlight. lf so, wear socks or shoes before stepping on it. Pay special attention to infants and children.
  3. The surface may be slippery under rain.
  4. Do not put this product into mouth. Although it is made of safe material, it may be harmful to health.
  5. Be careful about the use of burner in the vicinity of this product. Do not place high heat objects like BBQ stoves around this product, otherwise deformation, discolouration or damage may result.
  6. Do not perform burning or cooking on this product, otherwise this product may catch flame or deform.
  7. Do not place laundry, bed sheets etc on this product directly, otherwise the laundry etc may pick up dirts.
  8. Diesel, petrol or other organic solvents must be swiped off this product immediately.
  9. Do not leave iron objects like empty tin-cans on this product for long, otherwise stains may result.
  10. Perform a test on this product once a year, by stepping or running on the product, to check whether the installation remains intact. Also inspect the overall shape of the structure, the joints, interfaces, screws and caps. In case of peculiar parts where self-repair is difficult,stop using and call the installation contractor to repair.
  11. Perform an inspection on the product after unusual geographical events like storms and earthquakes,
  12. This product contains plastic. Actions on it like walking may give rise to static electricity.

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