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1.What is/are the difference(s) between Trit wood and Chinese-made WPC outdoor decking?
Both the raw material and the density of the product are different.
1)One of the important raw materials for Trit wood is  PP, while the majority of Chinese-made WPC are made from PE or PVC and other raw materials. PP is hard, termite-resistant and heat-resistant, which is better than other materials;
2)The melting point of PP is higher than that of PE. PP can function properly under heat. But it is difficult to process PP. Generally speaking, the production speed of Chinese-made WPC is 3-5meters/minute, while the production speed of our Trit wood is only 0.3-0.4meters/minute.

2.How do you maintain Trit wood? Do you need to paint it?
There is no need to paint Trit wood. You just need a piece of cloth to wipe the surface of the decking. Use a piece of sandpaper when the stains on the surface of the decking are hard to remove with cloth.

3. Will the color of the decking fade under sunshine?
It may fade slightly under strong sunshine shortly after installation, but later the fading will almost stop.

4.What should the distance between two joists be when installing the decking?
The suggested distance is 300mm-400mm. For details, please see the installation instructions.

5.Can Trit wood be processed the way timber is done?
Yes, Trit wood can be processed like timber: it can be cut, nailed and perforated, etc.

6.Is Trit wood termite-resistant?
Yes, it is.

7.What impact does heat have on Trit wood?
Trit wood can function properly under heat.

8.Is there any warranty that comes with Trit wood?
Yes, there is a 25-year warranty for residential use and a 15-year warranty for commercial use that comes with Trit wood.

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