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About Our Company

Supported by the municipal government, Shandong Rijing Building Materials Co., Ltd was founded by Shandong Pengchen Group together with a Japanese company in 2015. At present,our company has a large stock of Japanese-made WPC outdoor decking. So far, some of the production lines have been moved to our company from Japan, with an annual output of 20, 000 tons currently.Our company’s main product,Trit wood WPC Outdoor Decking, is made from PP and wood powder, together with some additives that are UV-resistant and oxidation-resisting. Easy to maintain and durable,the product is environmentally friendly and termite-resistant. Combined the merits of both plastics and timber, the product is a perfect substitute for wood material. Widespread use of the product can be seen in gardens, outdoor decoration, public facilities and municipal constructions, ect.


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ADD : No.5, 12th Road, Lanshan District, Linyi,   Shandong,China

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