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About Shandong Pengcheng Group 
Founded in 1999, Shandong Pengcheng Group is Situated in Linyi with convenient road transportation available. Pengcheng group produces a variety of column formwork. With over a thousand staff, Pengcheng Group owns nearly a dozen of subsidiary companies. With good management and marketing strategy, Pengcheng Group has made great achievements in recent years. Yet, Pengcheng Group still wishes you to join us in order to make tomorrow a better day!
The column formwork produced by Pengcheng Group has won the recognition from ISO900-2008 among other major organizations. With several patents applied, Pengcheng Group has made a difference in the development of column formwork.

The column formwork, developed by Pengcheng Group on its own, has been granted some national patents. It is easy to install and energy-saving. Therefore, it is popular on construction sites.
The wooden column formwork made In 2011by Pengcheng Group has become the most widespread new building material in use nationally.
In 2012, Pengcheng Group upgraded four series of its major column formwork smoothly, making its new products environmentally friendly.
In 2013, Pengcheng Group expaneded its production line with another 30 new column formwork mould presses, making its annual output value reach over 200 million US dollars.

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